Healthy Living

Leap of Faith

When Bryon discussed the idea of going to Mexico to get our dental work done, I was terrified.  I had an important training scheduled five days after we returned, an impossible amount of time to fix anything.  Throughout the process, I required constant reassurance that I wasn’t going to return with a great big hole in the middle of my mouth.  

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Social Justice

The New Rosie


I love this painting by my favorite local Minneapolis artist, Holden Bothun.  It illustrates the mood of the female workforce, especially mothers.  As a visual it reminded me of another image, Rosie the riveter.

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Emotional Well-Being.

I Choose Hope

Bitcoin- A Peaceful Revolution

As a fifty year old woman, I’m not a typical Bitcoin holder.  While I frequently use technology professionally and personally, I still need help to download apps and use punctuation in my texts.  Yes, I even check my spelling.  But I have embraced Bitcoin.

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  • On Being Told to ‘Go Back’ July 22, 2019
    Being told to “go back” reveals the desire of white America to bleach away the blood stains of its original sin: slavery. And there's been a long line of efforts to do that.
    Rann Miller
  • My Paul Krassner Story July 22, 2019
    The Yippies’ co-founder and counterculture provocateur was all about making political activism fun.
    Bill Lueders
  • Chicago’s Battle over Police Accountability July 22, 2019
    It has become an article of faith that the way to deal with daily abuses of power by police officers is through training and retraining. But training without substantial accountability could equal more militarized, and more lethal police.
    Teresa Albano

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  • Tim Miller moves fundraiser to Montevideo American Legion because "bullies" urge boycott July 22, 2019
    Update: We've slightly altered the headline, putting quotation marks around the word "bullies," which we meant to use ironically. A reader questioned the headline construction and we hope this slight clarification helps. Update, July 20, 2:09: There may be more sides to this story than the one Rep. Miller is sharing. From the Facebook page […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • More MNLARS debacle fallout: DNR's pollinator critical habitat license plate on hold July 22, 2019
    A reader recently asked via email where in the process were Minnesota's pollinator critical habitat license plates: . . . I was curious where pollinator plate is at in the process of being approved, or which one was selected by the public. I am reaching out because your email was the only one attached to […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • Ilhan Omar focus of Minnesota state house candidate fundraiser on the lone prairie July 20, 2019
    Update July 20, 2019: The event has been moved to the Montevideo American Legion. For details on Representative Miller's decision, visit our post Tim Miller moves fundraiser to the Montevideo American Legion because bullies urge boycott. [end update] Via a July 9 Facebook post on state representative Tim Miller's personal page (graphic here on his […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen

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