Healthy Living

Leap of Faith

When Bryon discussed the idea of going to Mexico to get our dental work done, I was terrified.  I had an important training scheduled five days after we returned, an impossible amount of time to fix anything.  Throughout the process, I required constant reassurance that I wasn’t going to return with a great big hole in the middle of my mouth.  

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Social Justice

The New Rosie


I love this painting by my favorite local Minneapolis artist, Holden Bothun.  It illustrates the mood of the female workforce, especially mothers.  As a visual it reminded me of another image, Rosie the riveter.

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Emotional Well-Being.

I Choose Hope

Bitcoin- A Peaceful Revolution

As a fifty year old woman, I’m not a typical Bitcoin holder.  While I frequently use technology professionally and personally, I still need help to download apps and use punctuation in my texts.  Yes, I even check my spelling.  But I have embraced Bitcoin.

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  • Not so ready kilowatts? CURE's MN Local Energy Project releases Rural Electric Co-op Report Card November 14, 2018
    On Wednesday, CURE’s Minnesota Local Energy Project released the Rural Electric Co-op Report Card, details the shortcomings CURE found on the websites of Minnesota's 44 rural electric co-ops. Rural Electric Co-op website omissions make it difficult for co-op member-owners to govern their co-ops properly. The Rural Electric Co-op Report Card is now available on the […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • Bean counting: did farmers push Angie Craig into the win column in Minnesota's Second? November 14, 2018
    In Jeff Stein's article in the Washington Post, Trump’s trade war may have helped Democrats win the House, we find this: Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, which stretches south of the Twin Cities, includes a large concentration of soybean producers. Republicans lost that district Tuesday after the Democratic candidate campaigned on the idea that the president’s […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • MNGOP party chair shrugs off loss of MN House November 13, 2018
    While the Minnesota Unique crowd is stressing the fact that the North Star state is now home to the only divided state legislature in the nation, it's probably more important for policy making that the Minnesota House has flipped, shifting the balance to the DFL. And the Senate Republican caucus still clings to a one-vote […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen

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