Healthy Living

Leap of Faith

When Bryon discussed the idea of going to Mexico to get our dental work done, I was terrified.  I had an important training scheduled five days after we returned, an impossible amount of time to fix anything.  Throughout the process, I required constant reassurance that I wasn’t going to return with a great big hole in the middle of my mouth.  

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Social Justice

The New Rosie


I love this painting by my favorite local Minneapolis artist, Holden Bothun.  It illustrates the mood of the female workforce, especially mothers.  As a visual it reminded me of another image, Rosie the riveter.

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Emotional Well-Being.

I Choose Hope

Bitcoin- A Peaceful Revolution

As a fifty year old woman, I’m not a typical Bitcoin holder.  While I frequently use technology professionally and personally, I still need help to download apps and use punctuation in my texts.  Yes, I even check my spelling.  But I have embraced Bitcoin.

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  • Quacks Farm Bureau up: Trump doesn't know what prairie potholes are, thinks "it sounds bad" January 15, 2019
    This afternoon, a quoted tweet from Outdoor News editor Rob Drieslein crossed our feed: If anyone has a link to this speech, I'd like to see this for myself. — Rob Drieslein (@ODN_Editor) January 14, 2019 As Trump spoke to the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention today in New Orleans, we assumed that's where […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • Michael Osterholm: CWD poses serious risk to human health, and it's a matter of when, not if January 14, 2019
    On Tuesday, January 15, at 12:45 p.m., the Minnesota House Environment and Natural Resources Finance Division committee will meet for the first time in the newly convened session for an afternoon of member introductions and rule sharing. After that housekeeping, the committee will move on an update on expenditures by the Minnesota Department of Natural […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • Berserk fundraising letter from Minnesota Gun Rights aims to scare you out of your money January 13, 2019
    Over the years, Bluestem Prairie has covered the peculiar saga of the Minnesota Gun Rights organization in posts such as Sixteen pro-Second Amendment MN House members disavow Minnesota Gun Rights and A field guide to 2018 MN 2nd Amendment rallies. On the right, Shot in the Dark blogger and gun rights supporter Mitch Berg has […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen

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