Healthy Living

Leap of Faith

When Bryon discussed the idea of going to Mexico to get our dental work done, I was terrified.  I had an important training scheduled five days after we returned, an impossible amount of time to fix anything.  Throughout the process, I required constant reassurance that I wasn’t going to return with a great big hole in the middle of my mouth.  

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Social Justice

The New Rosie


I love this painting by my favorite local Minneapolis artist, Holden Bothun.  It illustrates the mood of the female workforce, especially mothers.  As a visual it reminded me of another image, Rosie the riveter.

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Emotional Well-Being.

I Choose Hope

Bitcoin- A Peaceful Revolution

As a fifty year old woman, I’m not a typical Bitcoin holder.  While I frequently use technology professionally and personally, I still need help to download apps and use punctuation in my texts.  Yes, I even check my spelling.  But I have embraced Bitcoin.

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  • Five Minnesota cities join national effort to stop Farm Bill pesticide local control pre-emption September 21, 2018
    The House version of the Farm Bill contains language that could stop local cities' efforts to limit the use of pesticides. At Minnesota Public Radio, Elisabeth Dunbar reports in Minnesota cities to Congress: Let us help the bees: The new federal farm bill could force several Minnesota cities to stop banning a pesticide that can […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • State senator Newman wanted to be a judge once; now tweepsters question his judgment September 18, 2018
    State senator Scott Newman, R-Hutchinson, wanted to be a judge himself once, running in 2006 with a partisan endorsement against sitting judge Michael Savre, but now his judgment is under scrutiny by the people of the internet. Dave Orrick reports at the Pioneer Press in Did MN senator try to excuse teen attempted rape in […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen
  • MN19A: A look at questionable tweets Republican candidate Kim Spears deleted September 17, 2018
    Visit the Twitter account of Kim Spears, the endorsed Republican candidate now making his third run for Minnesota House district 19A, and one of the first things keen observers will notice is while he's been on Twitter since May 2014, he's only tweeted 58 times. Scroll to the bottom of his account, and a reader […]
    Sally Jo Sorensen

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