Healthy Living

If your like me eating healthy can be a challenge.  I bury vegetables under layers of dressing, butter, mustard, anything to make them taste better.  It’s not the vegetable’s fault. It’s refrigeration that destroys the taste.  According to an article Farm Confessional:  Secrets of a Supermarket Produce Buyer, extended “refrigeration is the big downside with this system. You’ve got to keep everything cool so it lasts longer, but that affects the taste. Everyone knows this: an orange won’t taste good if it’s cold. A tomato won’t taste good if it’s cold.” On the Farm Farm CSA I experienced the true pleasure of eating a plain old raw carrot.  Without any dressing or butter it was delicious.  Eating healthy is so much easier when it tastes good.  I don’t have a problem with vegetables.  I have a problem with supermarkets.  If veggies are difficult for you to stomach, join a CSA or visit your local farmers market.  Your body will thank you.


Social Justice

Becoming a member of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an easy way to make the world a better place. The land for future generations is protected from chemicals, by eating food not grown with pesticides, just good ole fashion work in the form of weeding.  Besides the value to the land, it creates jobs for local residents.  Unlike buying from corporations like Walmart, the money isn’t siphoned out of the community. Gas guzzling trunks are not necessary for shipping large quantities of produce.  Instead local community members can transport the produce on the way home from work.  So buying asparagus, beats and carrots can make a the world a better place.


Emotional Well Being

The foods we eat affect our mental health.  This makes sense.  Like medicines that we swallow or drink, foods are broken down by our digestive system.  The chemical compounds of the foods are then delivered to the rest of the body via the bloodstream.  We know that depression and anxiety, both mental illnesses that are on the rise, are related to chemical imbalances in the nervous system.  Ginnie Peters shares her concern about pesticides since her husband took his own life in the article Pesticides Use by Farmers Linked to High Rates of Depression and Suicide.  Community Supported Agriculture is an opportunity to address depression and anxiety without paying for expensive antidepressants.  Taking care of ourselves also helps take care of others and the future generations that will inherit the earth.