We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us.

When we see land as a commodity to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

~Aldo Leopold

At Trimavera we believe that the future of humanity lies in finding balance within ourselves, balance between each of us and our fellow beings, and balance among our societies and the planet on which we live.  Much of what ails us individually as people and collectively as a society is the result of ignoring this need for balance. For too long we have trusted an “unseen hand” that pushes us incessantly forward in the belief that all human achievement can be measured in GDP growth.  It seeks a balance between producers and consumers while ignoring the true value of an unspoiled environment. We value a tree only for its future capacity to heat or to shelter but not for its inherent value as a living being in our environment.  We have fallen prey to the falsehood that competition brings out the best in each of us.  We have allowed it to push us forward in a ceaseless quest for constant growth.  We forget the basic truth that infinite growth in a finite system is unsustainable .

Competition was a useful tool in the age of conquest and acquisition but there are no new lands to conquer.  We have reached the limits of growth.  Our future does not depend on producing more, but on using less. We must learn to conserve instead of exploit, to collaborate instead of compete, to sustain instead of supplant.

We believe that each individual is a fractal of the society in which it exists, that insecurity leads to suspicion and fear, and that instability leads to inequity and injustice.  Fearful people create angry and aggressive societies that seek to dominate the land and its people.  Violence, oppression and discrimination are all symptoms of a society out of balance. The future of the planet Earth demands that we build societies that promote Healthy Living, Social Justice and Emotional Well Being.