Stand With Our Immigrant, Refugee and Muslim Neighbors

“…Then they came for me.”  The famous quote by Martin Niemoller rang out clear in Rochester Minnesota Sunday.  Many people of all ethnic backgrounds braved the cold to have their voices heard.  I consider it a privilege to be able to be among them.  Despite all the hate and fear that the media spews and our president propagates, hope is alive.  I feel compelled to share that hope.   The more that we, the people, continue to gather to raise our voices in protest, the more that we can reclaim the power that those at the top have stolen.  Rochester United Now, the group that organized the rally, urges people to continue to get involved through the groups Rochester for Justice and Random Acts of Kindness.   The first upcoming event by the Random Acts of Kindness foundation is RAK week in February 12-18.   Fan the flames of resistance.  Together we can make a difference.


tand With Our Immigrant, Refugee and Muslim Neighbors