Another Hero

The Olympics are over and I feel a sense of loss.  There is something about being inspired by the athleticism and, more importantly,  the heroism of the competitors.Stories of their inspiration and obstacles that they overcame are guiding lights for all of us.    I know I will remember the name Simone Biles and her story of tenacity and spirit.  So I was happily surprised when on Facebook, I learned of Therese Sonnek and her attempt to run the 300 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail in 9 days.  Her quest is even more meaningful to me since I have struggled with just a few miles of that trail.  I feel hopeful in knowing that inspiration is all around us, everyday.


How It Should Be

Despite what politicians say, people are caring in nature and have a desire to help each other. The experience on the Superior Hiking Trail exemplifies this ideal society.  First, there is always room and it is free, equally available to all.  The best hikers sleep in the same camps as the less experienced.   My experience on Section 13, a popular camping site, due the unexploited view, demonstrates this concept.  On the night we stayed there, the campsite already full beyond the suggested tent pads, greeted the last camper with open arms.  We shared stories around the campfire in addition to some Jiffy Pop popcorn that one of the campers carried with them.  On the trail, nothing is more precious than water.  Out of necessity, we carried enough water to sustain us to the next water source.  After all, every ounce counts when it is on your back.  No one monopolized the water supply.  Information and lessons learned through experience are shared as easily as popcorn, hand sanitizer and maps.  After all, the Superior Hiking Trail, is ours to experience.  The breath taking views and the silent beauty of the trail remind us that we are passing by and our gift is to share the experience with another.  Imagine if we lived our lives like that every day.


The Tribe of the Trail

When Bryon and I returned from our trip realizing that we had not taken the pictures that we had hoped to, we reached out to the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) community.  Within moments we had responses and amazing pictures.  Thanks to all who contributed to the photo gallery.  I also want to thank everyone we met on the trail.  The stories around the campfire are dear memories.  (Who could believe that we met someone who has also been to Sierra Leone West Africa, where my husband and I met in the Peace Corps?)  Hiking is more than appreciating the beauty in the world around us.  It is a chance to enjoy the wonder of each other.Type your paragraph here.