Thanksgiving and Forgiving

Holidays can be stressful times.  The number of commitments and unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others can turn any tune of Happy Holidays to You’re a Mean One ,Mr. Grinch.   Add a spice of resentment or disappointment and you have a recipe for a family holiday mess.   Why is it important to find peace?  According to the Mayo clinic lower blood pressure, a better immune systems and improved mental health all rely on our ability to let anger and resentment go.  Easier said than done.  I know I’ve held onto some childhood issues for a long time.  As my children have bridged the gap between adolescence and adulthood, I have heard my parents’ voices many times.  So to my children, please remember that when I nag, I’m saying “”I love you.  When I criticize what you wear, your table manners or vocabulary, I’m saying “I hope that I was a good enough mother to teach you everything that you will need to know.”  Often these things leave my lips, like a sneeze.  I know they are coming, but I feel powerless to stop them.  I hope that you will forgive me, and I in turn will forgive those who have hurt me.  The Huffington Post describes the process of forgiveness: express the emotion, understand why, rebuild safety and let it go.  While it isn’t easy, it is important.  Our health depends on it.