Writing Groups 6/20/16

Healthy Living

The Importance of Human Connection and Health The article Why Loneliness Can Be Deadly describes the importance of social connection to physical health. Despite Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, people are feeling more disconnected. Distilling our lives to single pictures or events has created a world full of superficial relationships. People hunger for more.  This is how writing groups can fill that need for more substantial interactions.  Writing can be highly personal.  The bond of sharing creativity and opinions through our words helps to develop understanding and deeper sense of belonging.  This connection can help boost our immune systems making us healthier individuals.

Social Justice

Changing the World One Word at a Time “You write in order to change the world…..if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.”  James Baldwin (1924-1987).  Writing serves an important purpose in society.  Fiction, poetry and essays all drive us to look at the world differently and question the status quo.  Writing allows all of us to criticize, mock and appreciate the world around us.  The words on paper encourage us to expand our way of thinking out of our comfort zone and enable us to see everyday events differently.  Both utopia and dystopia exist in the world of fiction.  Reading and reflecting are our best tools to invent the world in which we want to live.  So pick up a pen and paper or type words out on the computer.  

Emotional Well Being

Five Reasons to Keep a Journal

  1. Reflect on the day’s events.
  2. Remind ourselves that we are thankful.  Practicing gratitude helps improve feelings of well being.
  3. Vent our frustrations so we don’t need to carry them.  
  4. Organize our ideas about work, relationships and goals.  
  5.  Dream about a better life.